AVL, GPS and Tracking Solutions

Wherever your drivers are, our AVL, GPS and Tracking Solutions keep you connected—24/7. Monitor and track your fleet’s precise location, no matter if you’re relaying with a mobile caller or a vehicle. This technology is ideal for emergency response, location-sensitive billing, traffic updates, fleet management and asset and people tracking.


Gateway Solutions

Telephone, satellite or cellular technologies—we can integrate your two-way radio communications across all Push-to-Talk devices in your business. Talk with your radios over the phone, and vice versa. Our dealers can even create cross-system connections with your other radio technologies.


Event Logging & Voice Recording Solutions

Do you need a way to log, or even control, what happens over your radio system? Our customizable Event Logging Solutions can record your operator and fleet data—including Push-to-Talk use, status updates, auto-transmitting and emergency signals. We can even collect advanced productivity, engine and dashboard readings. Pair that with our Voice Recording Solutions, which empower you to log, store and play back individual or group voice traffic from a NEXEDGE® trunked radio system.


Dispatch and Monitoring Solutions

Your equipment and operations have a wealth of vital intelligence—our Dispatch and Monitoring Solutions let you harness it. From simple desktop consoles and network health monitors, to advanced tools and intelligent user interfaces, our dealers can design a comprehensive solution that captures real-time information about your business. Whether it’s a low-tier or mission critical system, we can customize our technology to your exact specifications.


Messaging Solutions

Communication is more than just talking. Whether it’s through email or texting, you connect with your team through a myriad of interactive platforms. We can add these messaging features to your NEXEDGE® two-way radio system, all available to your team at the push of a button. Drivers can also convert messages from text to speech, keeping their eyes on the road and ensuring compliance with distracted driving laws.

Build your custom system

Ready to harness insightful knowledge from your NEXEDGE® system? Our expertly trained dealers can help.