Instant communication, one touch

With just the push of a button, the OnQ Network connects your entire two-way radio fleet. Whether you’re managing a vast network of drivers, relaying to distant job sites or dispatching to hazardous environments, OnQ has your business covered. Instantly talk with your team in crystal-clear audio, anywhere your operations take you. Best of all, OnQ lets you customize your coverage—exactly where you need it.

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Boost your team’s safety & productivity

Employees can talk on the go while focusing on the job at hand.

Get coverage where you need it

As your business grows and expands, so should your routes of communication.

Smart & simplified fleet management

On the road or in the office, the OnQ Network keeps your entire operations in touch.

More Advantages

for the road

OnQ aligns your fleet with today’s distracted driving laws.


Learn how the OnQ Network empowers and connects your team.

digital radios

OnQ runs on Kenwood’s revolutionary NEXEDGE® equipment.

Rock-solid coverage

From Windsor to Québec City and Niagara Falls to Gravenhurst, the OnQ Network currently provides wide-area radio coverage to Ontario and Quebec’s major urban centres.

*Map is a general representation of mobile radio talk out coverage, current and future, where indicated. The areas shown are approximate and were created by use of computer aided predictive coverage tools. Actual coverage area may vary from map graphics. RF coverage range can be affected by various factors, including system availability and capacity, customer's equipment, RF signal strength, topography, building & body losses, and environmental conditions. Coverage areas are subject to change without notice.

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